Tori Lewis





I have extensive experience in content management, website migration, and information architecture.


Below is a selected list of sites that I have managed, launched, or migrated:​

I believe in:

  1. Clean and functional design.

  2. Creative and earnest web content.

  3. Creating sites with a purpose.


I have written for publications on verticals ranging from tech news to relationships.

My writings can be found:

My honors thesis on Zelda Fitzgerald, gender, and (post)modernism can also be accessed here.

I believe in:

  1. The power of narrative to change lives and minds.

  2. Seeking out the story behind the news.

  3. Speaking the truth and using the oxford comma.


I use my marketing expertise, compassionate interviewing instincts, and powerful storytelling abilities to advocate for causes that I believe in.

My work includes:

I believe in:

  1. Empowering others to tell their stories.

  2. Amplifying voices that have historically been ignored.

  3. Using the power of language to make change.

- Let Me Tell You My Story - 

My career journey has focused on telling stories: from developing tools to allow us to tell better stories to finding the right story to tell and the right way to tell it.